I had it last week. That explains why no Monday review this week, or much of anything. I wasted almost an entire week’s worth of sick time ALREADY this year. On this stupid disease that was probably caused by something I ate.

DANG that makes me SO ANGRY. Do you have any idea how often I wash my hands? My once-beautiful hands are prematurely dry and chapped because of my hand-washing. And yet, I still get this disease.

I have been DRAGGING myself to work for the past two days because the fever and other stuff is gone, but the perpetual stomach upset remains. Tonight will be a Zantac night.

I PROMISE when I put up my next post, I will be in a better mood! šŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Gastroenteritis

  1. My sympathies on the gastroenteritis. It isn’t fun at all, as I know from all the foods that cause flare-ups for me. {half-smile}

    For the hands, my dermatologist recommends using hand sanitizer unless you actually need to wash something off. I’m uncertain enough about when I do need towash something off, I tend to ignore that advice. However, I tend to use babywash rather than regular soap. It’s mild enough to leave a few natural oils or moisturizers behind. It’s not the best shampoo when you have oily hair, but it cleans well enough when used as frequently as I wash my hands. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


  2. Bummer. šŸ˜¦

    It’s frustrating to lose time to sickness. We had something similar happen that took out the long four-day weekend around New Years’.

    Get well soon!


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