Dratted, Overcrowded Brain

Today, I got a nice email from Zillow. Why, you ask, would Zillow send me a nice email? Because of this post. They asked that I embed a link in it, and even though the link was rather real-estate-y and this is not a real estate blog, I did what they asked. Because they asked so nicely. Who knows? Maybe the cool architecture will inspire one of you to move to St. Augustine one day.

Lesson learned: It never hurts to ask.

Anyway, when I reviewed the post, I realized I had never written a promised follow-up. Even though I took the trip to St. Augustine and drove down the streets I mentioned. (In my Jeep. With the top down, of course.)

I keep doing that. Forgetting stuff I say I’ll do. I guess I need to come up with a reminder system. So I am going to brush off my old Google Calendar account–the one where I used to keep track of debuts–and have it send me reminders. Because apparently, this brain is overcrowded.

In fact, I think I’d better write a procedure for writing up blog posts. Because I evidently need all the help I can get.

(Nah. Cause if I do, I’m sure to forget I wrote the dratted thing.)

6 thoughts on “Dratted, Overcrowded Brain

  1. {chuckle} I have a very good forgetter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let me choose what to forget; it chooses for me, often things I really want to remember, like what I planned to do each day. {rueful smile}

    We do have a few calendars to keep track of appointments and other timed events, but that doesn’t help with all the supposedly on-going projects that I don’t get around to. {rueful chuckle, Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


    • It is the coolest little town. It looks much like New Orleans with all of the little hidden courtyards, but is much, much smaller and is not so flood-prone (and crime-prone). As the oldest city in the US, there is a historical building on just about every corner. Most of the houses are 75+ years old, and many of them are beds-and-breakfasts.

      Only problem–it’s hot. If you visit, avoid coming in the summertime.


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