Website Move in Process

I took today off and over the past weekend, I have been moving my website to a self-hosted wordpress blog. I have been meaning to do this for two years now, but something comes up every spring.

Well, this year, I was determined to get it done. I pulled all my media over to my new hosting site, and the DNS servers have been re-pointed. This website should continue to exist as a free website under my username, tianevitt, and I’ll have access to all the premium features until next month.

WordPress is simply funner as a self-hosted site. is quite frustrating in a number of ways. I found a webhost that takes spam and hacks seriously, which was what drove me away from my former self-hosted site. I even paid extra for hack monitoring service.

However, I have a problem. A number of people have subscribed to my site here, and I have no way to point you to my new site. So I think I will double-post for a while, posting at my new site while putting up a post here with a link that points to the new site. That way, the post with the link will reach subscribers here.

The new site will look a bit spartan when it comes online, but it should be fun to build it and tweak it over the next few weeks. I even have a subdomain that I want to set up as a separate site, because I have would like a blog dedicated to my job as a business analyst.

See ya there!